Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Sound Pack Flyer?

SoundPackFlyer.com takes high quality kits from well-known sound design companies and gives you, the customer, a discount!  Nothing more to it!   No store is allowed to match or be a lower price than SoundPackFlyer.com!

Have these Companies Approved of you Selling Their Products?

Yes!  They are offering you unheard of discounts of the same product they sell on their own website!!

When Will I Receive My Product?

You will instantly be sent an email to download the product you purchased.  You can also view your purchases in the My Account section!

Am I Able to Re-Download my Product?

Yes!  After your purchase, go to your My Account section, and you will be able to re-download your product 3 times!

Are the Sounds Royalty-Free?

Yes.   Go ahead, sell your beats and songs, but not the individual sounds them self!

Are Your Sounds Compatible With My Software/Hardware?

  • FL Studio
  • Reason
  • Cubase
  • Pro Tools
  • Maschine
  • Other DAWs

Since all samples within SoundPackFlyer.com are .WAV, they are compatible with all production software.  Yes, this means they will also support your workstation/keyboards!

Do you sell 24-Bit .WAV?

Our products are sometimes 16-bit, and sometimes 24-bit; depends on the company.  If 24-bit is not stated, product will be 16-bit!  You can always contact here if the question is stopping you from purchase!

What about Refunds?

Since all products are digital, there are no refunds.  BUT! SoundPackFlyer.com wants you to have the best possible experience shopping on our website.  If you are having any troubles, please use the contact form below with your questions/inquiries!

Also for peace of mind, all products within SoundPackFlyer are industry standard sounds created by industry standard sound designers.  (Plus, a minimum of 20% off the Regular Retail Price!)

No price of the sound kits featured in SoundPackFlyer.com will be lower anywhere else!  All kits are a minimum 20% off regular retail price!

Still Have Questions?  Contact SoundPackFlyer!