How Did SoundPackFlyer Start?

SoundPackFlyer originally through the website http://Beatstruggles.com.

The idea was to provide the industry’s best sounds at discount, which it has continued to do so today!

Checkout the throwback moment of SoundPackFlyer Vol. 1!

Originally – Actual “Newsletters”

SoundPackFlyer originally released editions of the SoundPackFlyer to its readers via Beatstruggles.com’ newsletters; very similar to how a grocery store sends you flyers just before the weekend hits about all the sales.

SPF operated this way until Vol. 6, until finally creating a website with more permanent structure.

Established as an official website May 16, 2013, SoundPackFlyer continues to provide its customers with quality and lowest pricing.

Thank-you to all the companies, and most importantly, to SPF’s customers that keep the flyer going!

How Does SoundPackFlyer Actually Work?

SoundPackFlyer.com has a MINIMUM 20% DISCOUNT deal going on with its distributors.

What that means is every product at SPF is discounted by 20% of the regular retail price, minimum. (Many times much larger discounts).

All products are digital, and upon purchase, you will be instantly emailed an email containing your download links.

Find a lower price? – Just email SoundPackFlyer, and we will get that solved!

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