Welcome to Beastruggles’ Sound Pack Flyer.

For the past couple months, Beatstruggles has released what is known as the “Sound Pack Flyer”, which provides beatmakers INDUSTRY STANDARD KITS at discounted prices.

How does this work?

Really as simple as that last sentence.  How am I able to achieve this?  Simply, the hand of the Lord and good relationship skills.

The Sound Pack Flyer is able to bring you QUALITY KITS at discounted prices from well-known companies such as TheProducersChoice, Anno Domini Beats, SoundsinHD, Xclusive-Audio.

I would just like to personally thank all the companies that have been involved so far, and most importantly, all the customers to keep the flyer going!

Company wanting to submit into the SoundPackFlyer?

For submissions, questions, or support, please contact us here!


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