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As you may know, I also run the website

The website continuously helps producers with their productions.  It’s great to receive the encouraging emails some of you send! (Thanks!)

SoundPackFlyer has rapidly grown from what started as just an idea.

With that said.. SPF may be having another super producer’s sounds being distributed soon.  (Will fill you in on more info when it is solidified).

If you’ve followed me on for awhile, you know that I have only recommended products that I would personally use in my own productions.  And with SPF and its discounts, these are the absolute lowest prices of ANY of the kits you see around other stores.  (20% discount minimum!)

Don’t be Lusted into More Sounds,

Now, it’s kind of funny I’m telling you not to buy more sounds – only the ones you need, when I run an online sound pack store!

The reason is, I was once where you are.

I started from the ground up, purchasing sound kits from my hard-earned money from my regular daily job.  And do you know what? – I purchased some really lousy kits.. but also some decent ones as well!

So I keep it honest throughout the write-ups of products and reviews, because I know you just want sounds that work for you, and you can be on your way; because time is many times more valuable than money!

With that said, I have laid out a producer’s foundational sound kit bundle.

There are two bundles which I refer back to continually in my Beatstruggles tutorials.

Those are:

Cream of the Crop

Drum Bundle TRIO by Xclusive-Audio

These two bundles are gushing with quality, variety, and quantity.

Why I recommend these two bundles is because:

  1. It provides you with quality sounds.  (You get what you pay for!)
  2. The bundles provide VARIETY – Giving you as a producer, a well-rounded set of sounds to work with in your productions.

If you are one to buy sound kit after sound kit to keep being disappointed.. It’s time for you to get a solid set of sounds and be on your way!

These two bundles come with 3 kits in each bundle.

Cream of the Crop BUNDLE!

Cream of the Crop contains the best hip-hop drums (Anno Domini Vol. 1), huge big-room kicks and epic one-hit snares/claps (High Impact), and provides labeled 808’s so you KNOW WHICH NOTE YOUR 808 is in! (808 Drums by SoundsinHD).

As you can see, Cream of the Crop provides you with such variety, making your soundkit toolbox so well-rounded, you can produce pretty much anything!

Xclusive-Audio - Drum Bundle Trio - 600x600

And for Drum Bundle TRIO,

I can honestly say, sounds don’t get higher quality than Xclusive-Audio.  In all their 3 kits, they have impressed me each time, having to Google sound names cause I’ve never heard of them before!

Xclusive-Audio JAM-PACKS their kits, so what you pay is fair, and is 24-Bit .WAV quality.  (Also Maschine-patched ready for all you Maschine users).

Because I can,

Like I said, I’ve been where you are.

I invested my regular job’s money into beatmaking tools, whether that be sounds or hardware, and have been both satisfied and very disappointed.

Now that I am in a position to offer such high quality, with the bargaining power of SoundPackFlyer, I’d like to give you an opportunity to change your production game around.

Save 25% with this Coupon:

How to Use This Coupon:

Simply add both Cream of the Crop and Drum Bundle TRIO to your cart, and use the coupon CREAMYTRIO.

This will allow you to save 25% off your whole order.

Yes, I know it is an investment, but think of it this way.

If you keep buying sound kit after sound kit and not finding those “solid set of sounds” you were hoping for, you can save yourself money in the long run.

I am offering you high quality at a price, which in the long-run, you should not need to upgrade for a long time; if ever!

I use these 2 bundles in almost ever beat I make! – Yes, even to date!

So, if you want to change your production game around, and quit worrying about buying more sounds, then add these two products to your cart, use the coupon CREAMYTRIO, and save yourself 25%!

Cream of the Crop

Drum Bundle TRIO by Xclusive-Audio

If you want more info about gear lust, and only investing in what you need, I’d highly recommend reading the new tutorial on Beatstruggles.

Anyways,Thanks for listening.

Remember, I have been where you are.  I am not trying to “sell you”, or “up-sell you”, but provide an opportunity that I would of like to of have in my beginnings.


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