Do the Sounds I Choose in My Beats Matter?

Yes! — Of course they do!

Sounds are quite important in your beats, however, it’s always the creativity that takes first priority.

It’s the good beatmaker that can take anything, and turn it into a beat. That’s the natural skill of making good beats, that you will remember for years to come, always being stuck in your head because of their catchiness.

In this video, I’ve gone over sound selection with your VST sounds.

Choosing the Right Sounds for Your Beats,

So, how do you go about choosing the right sounds in your beats?

For one, it does come with experience, and time. The more you practice, and are just around music in general, you will start to get a sense of direction on what decisions to make for your sound selection.

Now, when it comes to one-hit sounds, like sounds from the 808 Drums by SoundsinHD kit, these provide you with a phenomenal foundation to your beats.

But for me, when I started out, I didn’t know of these companies like SoundsinHD, Xclusive-Audio, etc. I honestly purchase a few sound kit where they sounded like they were sampled from a 128kbps MP3.. >>>>>

Why Sound Selection Matters

Well, if you’re new to beatmaker, let me tell you about something. It’s called frequency clashing.

This is when the sounds fight against each other, and cancel each other out. The end result = not clear, and loud mixes.


Take two 808’s, or two basslines, even two lower frequencied kicks. Play them together, and what do you hear?

You hear a rumble that is preventing your beats from hitting hard, clean, and sounding like a commercial track.

So back to why sound selection matters. Choosing the right sounds will:

  • Give you clearer beats by less frequency clashing
  • Cut down mixing time — Since you’ve pre-planned your sound selection, mixing will now just enhance what you’ve already created in your beats, with your sounds you’ve chosen

With all this talk about sound selection, and choosing high quality kits; come check out SoundPackFlyer’s store !

Also, regarding the clear 808’s, basslines, and kicks, you should probably check out this video if you use FL Studio: