Get a 20% Off Coupon, If you REVIEW!

Would you like a 20% off Coupon to use in’s Store?

20OFFReview Coupon - SoundPackFlyer

It’s simple!

If you’ve purchased a kit, and have owned the kit for a minimum of 3 days, you are eligible to review the kit, with your HONEST THOUGHTS, and receive a 20% off coupon towards your next purchase!

When does this coupon expire?

This deal will end June 31 at midnight! So until the end of this month!

How do I review a Kit!?

I thought you’d never ask! ;)

First, go to the product page of your purchase. (If you forgot what you purchased, go to your My Account section and check out your purchases).

From there, scroll down to the bottom description. You will see two tabs.

SoundPackFlyer - Review Coupon

Click the Review Tab, and write your review!

SoundPackFlyer - Review Tab Fillout

Your Coupon will be Delivered Manually

Just to communicate, I will email you a coupon manually once I see your review.

Things to do and not to do,

Here’s some guidelines to help you get the coupon faster.

  • Include the name and email you used in your order!
  • Include your ORDER NUMBER
  • Please leave your honest thoughts.  (Was it good money to quality ratio, do you like the kit, would you shop here again? etc).


That’s all for now!

Remember, you must of had the kit for a minimum of 3 days, and the coupon will be sent manually. Be patient please!

Your coupon will expire June 31 at midnight, so use it while you can! (Note, SPF is launching a new kit this Friday! So yes, you can use your coupon towards that if you have made a purchase already to review.

*You are only allowed one coupon for this deal. If you purchased 2+ kits, and review all of them, you will still only receive one coupon.