High Impact 2 REVIEW

High Impact 2 made me remember the skill behind their sound design,

I was working with other kits for awhile, then SoundsinHD released High Impact 2.

I went through the sounds and thought they were on par with all their other kits.  Then played through a few other kits just to compare.  I then came back to High Impact 2, and it was then, it was then that I remembered,

“This is SoundsinHD, this is what they’re known for, and they definitely know what they’re doing in their sound design”.

The kicks were tweaked to just such mastery.  You could hear the openness, the punch, and all the room they’ve left you to work with in your mix.

The claps.. very nicely layered.

Just a SUPER well-produced kit by SoundsinHD!

High Impact 2 Review (SoundsinHD)Why Purchase High Impact 2?

  • The kicks were designed by someone who know what they are doing
  • The claps are layered to extra layered. (Great for those urban drum beats!).
  • SoundsinHD known for percussion, gives you more creativity with High Impact 2!
  • The snares were impressive compared to other SHD snares
  • A real nice twist to the High Impact series.

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