High Impact Review (@Beatstruggles)

High Impact is definitely in my favorites with SoundsinHD

SoundsinHD knows how to make some good sounds, they also have a decent following, and creative marketing skills! (You should check out their newsletter, they come out with some unique content!).

Here’s a video review I did awhile back.  Sorry for the audio quality (I recorded through a webcam microphone lol). — But don’t let the audio fool you, these are some of the deepest, bassiest, low-end frequency hitting drums I have!

SHD - High Impact Box View

Why Buy High Impact?

  • SHD is known for their amazing quality
  • The claps and snares have a nice touch of reverb on them, making your loops sound spacious and wide inside your beat!
  • These kicks hit DEEP (some of the deepest kicks I have heard and own!
  • Did I forget about the percussion?  Yeah.. one of my fav percussion folders! Nice airy feel to them!

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