GratuiTous - Studio Pic - June 19, 2013

How Do I Make my Songs Fuller?

Do you struggle with getting a thick-sounding track?

It may because you are not layering enough!

Now, don’t get me wrong, a track that is ONLY LAYERED will not sound full production wise, although it will sound fuller when instruments/samples are layered. Let me explain.

Let’s say you have a piano part, well, you can maybe take a bass line, and just follow the bass notes of the piano. Then, you can take a synth, and play the same note as the bassline, but not as long. Now, just copy and paste the synth MIDI part onto a bell sound.

As you can see, you can keep layering this way, and it can quickly fill up your beat. But if you are only using the same melody over and over while layering, it may not give you that full production sound you are looking for!

Creating Different Melodies,

The trick is to get at least 2-3 different melodies that compliment each other — I know, easier said than done!

But, once you find these 2-3 melodies to your beat, now you can simply start to layer your sounds as explained above. Maybe take a few notes out on a layer, or add more notes in.

Layering Samples,

Layering your kicks, claps, and snares is a must to get a thick sound to your hits.

If you take a snare, and layer it with a shaker, it keeps the snare hit a little bit longer, but also gives it a different sound/frequencies to it. (Try to listen to a before and after of layering a sound).

This is Where Arrangement Comes In!

At certain parts of the song, you can take out the shaker under the snare, but maybe in the chorus, or while the verse is building up to the chorus, you simply add the shaker under the snare back in. These subtle tricks can add huge impact to your beats and arrangement!

Hopefully that gives you an idea of how to create a thicker sounding beat, and I’ve also included a video about creating a thick sound in your tracks.