Pablo Beats Vol. 2

This kit has both awesome one hit sounds and instruments! welcome’s to Pablo Beats Vol. 2! You can now purchase PB Vol. 2 at the lowest price on the web!

Pablo Beats Vol. 2 features both your one hit sounds (kicks, claps, hats, snares, SFX) and VST instruments! (Either Kontakt or Direct Wave versions!).

If you purchase through, you will get both Direct Wave and Kontakt! (Plus, the lowest price available!).

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PB Vol. 2, Now at

Why Buy Pablo Beats Vol. 2?

  • Both Samples and VST sounds
  • The VST sounds were sound designed great.  Instruments are full of assorted sounds. (Pianos, horns, bass, pizzicato etc.)
  • This kit took me about 10-15 minutes to download.  Huge bang for your buck!

For more info, head to the Product Page!


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