Privacy Policy (“Website”) understands that your privacy and information is important to you. However, SoundPackFlyer collects both non-personal, upon visiting. Personal information is only collected when you, the user, inputs their information. (Creating an account, purchasing a product, email signup, or commenting on the website).

When using, we automatically assume you agree to our privacy policy — you agree to SoundPackFlyer’s use of cookies, and how it handles your information. If you do not accept, you must leave this website, and not use it.

You can also view our Terms and Conditions page.

If you do not understand any of these terms, please refer to Google’s Key terms.

What Information SoundPackFlyer Collects,

Anonymous Data:

This is data that SoundPackFlyer uses to monitor your visit to improve the website. These are things like Server logs, IP address, web browser, current device (desktop, tablet, or mobile), location, pages viewed, overall time spent on SoundPackFlyer, and anonymous information of the like.

This information is tracked, and managed, by a third-party, Google Analytics, to analyze this anonymous data for further research. This can include pages viewed, time spent on a page, or if a user clicks on a certain hyperlink.

SoundPackFlyer does not use this technology to collect any personal information about you. This information is only used for the sole intention to market better.

Personal Data:

Some tasks require your personal data. The information you input will only be used for the purpose intended. These services could include the following:

Creating an Account:

When creating an account, or when purchasing a product, as purchasing a product creates an automatic account for you, your personal information is required. This information is never used by SoundPackFlyer other than you being able to log into your account, or for to contact you of any problems about your purchase.

Also, when creating an account and purchasing, you will not be added to the newsletter, unless you check off the box to opt-in to SPF’s Newsletter upon purchase. You may also manually signup to the newsletter here.

Commenting on SoundPackFlyer:

You are required to enter a name and email in order to comment on SoundPackFlyer. SoundPackFlyer also prefers if you use Gravatar to put a face to a name to prevent trolling, and help promote your own endeavors.

When commenting, the public will not see your email address, unless you’ve entered your email in the comment text field :). The public will however see the name and website you’ve entered. The administrator of the website will see your email address upon commenting.

Email Newsletter:

When signing up to SoundPackFlyer’ newsletter, you must provide your Email, but first name is not mandatory; details will only be used for the purpose served, such as new products, cool tutorials, or special sales. (If you would like to cancel emails received from SoundPackFlyer, please do so with the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter. You may also contact SoundPackFlyer to be removed from the newsletter subscription).

SoundPackFlyer’s newsletter subscription is through, and your personal information that you enter is stored on’s servers. SoundPackFlyer will not be held responsible to MailChimp server breaches that cause loss or damage to you, nor will be held liable for any damages, leaked information, or causes of harm to you from using its website.

SoundPackFlyer uses MailChimp as its newsletter service. When you sign up to SoundPackFlyer newletter, SoundPackFlyer can now track to see if you have opened, or have not opened the newsletter, and if you clicked on any of the links within the newsletter sent. The only information SoundPackFlyer sees is the information you input when signing up, and the information regarding tracking your not opens/opens, and click tracks. Tracking these train SoundPackFlyer to bring you richer, and more engaging content.

Contact Form Communication:

Upon using SoundPackFlyer’ contact form, you need to provide your First Name and Email. This information is only for SoundPackFlyer to communicate back regarding your request. Your information will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be added to our newsletter without your consent.

Your personal information will never be sold, rented, or shared for any reason, except to comply with the law and protect SoundPackFlyer’s rights.


SoundPackFlyer uses cookies, and expects that you understand, and accept, its use of cookies.

If you’d like more information about cookies, please visit this website: You may also visit this helpful resource.

Below, you will find what cookies SoundPackFlyer uses, and the reasons for using them:

Google Analytics:

SoundPackFlyer uses Google Analytics to monitor and track anonymous data. (See the heading Anonymous Data above). SoundPackFlyer uses and studies this anonymous data to improve its Website to give you a better user experience, and market its products effectively. No personal data is collected, only anonymous data for tracking purposes.

Reading Google’s privacy policy will bring you confidence knowing how your data is being used:

CrazyEgg may use the company “CrazyEgg” as a service to track, and monitor each users visit. This tracks detailed anonymous information about where you have clicked, scrolled, and the page where you previously came from, and how you got there.

There is no personal information used with this service, CrazyEgg. Their cookie is placed on your computer to track if you are a new, or returning visitor/customer.

From CrazyEgg them self:

The cookie is named is_returning and has a value of either 0 or 1. It expires 5 years from the date that it was set.

You can prevent Crazy Egg from setting any cookies by setting a Javascript variable named CE_NO_COOKIES to true somewhere on your tracked pages.

MailChimp — Newsletter Service,

MailChimp also uses cookies and web beacons to see how SoundPackFlyer newsletter subscribers react with the emails sent.

These cookies and web beacons record a subscribers have open, where they have clicked within the newsletter, or show if they have not opened the newsletter.

Outbound Links,

SoundPackFlyer has no control in regards to other website’s content.

When outbound links that go to other websites are used on SoundPackFlyer (hypertext), and you click on them, SoundPackFlyer is not responsible for your user experience, malware, or other dangers/viruses of the like, information you will read, or content you will see. These outbound links may also contain affiliate links.

SoundPackFlyer strives to only bring you rich content, so outbound links will mostly be to websites SoundPackFlyer recommends, or for information purposes for further understanding of the tutorial, or content. SoundPackFlyer is also full of inbound links, which are links that continue to other SoundPackFlyer pages. These are also tracked with the above, Google Anayltics, simply to bring you a better user experience, and content on SoundPackFlyer.

Opting-Out of SoundPackFlyer Updates,

If you would longer like to be contacted, updated, or notified by SoundPackFlyer, contact SPF to unsubscribe from its newsletter.

There is also a mandatory unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter!

Changes to Privacy Policy,

SoundPackFlyer reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time, with change-log updates. With the information collected, SoundPackFlyer may change the Privacy Policy according to its new research. Upon changes to SoundPackFlyer’s Privacy Policy, you will be informed by either an announcement on the website, or by email. The user is bound by any changes to the Privacy Policy when he or she uses this Website.

Again, operates under a you accept our terms by using our website policy. If you do not agree to any of its terms and uses, please refrain from using, and depart from the website immediately. will not be held liable for any damages, leaked information about you, or damages to your computer from using its website or products.

If you do not agree to how SoundPackFlyer uses your information, SoundPackFlyer kindly asks you to refrain from using its Website.


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