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808 Drums by SoundsinHD
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808 Drums By SoundsinHD

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Jealous of other producer's 808s?   It's probably cause they own these.

  • No more guessing what note — Each 808 is tuned and labeled for your convenience!
  • Thick, POWERFUL 808's — Probably your last 808 kit you will ever need to purchase
  • Not just 808's! (Beefy kicks, hats, claps etc. are included as well!)
  • Just the bass line of the 808 for full flexibility! (Check the review below for more details)
  • Great for any genre.  These 808's suite everything.

SoundsInHD, I am amazed with the quality of these 808's.

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Product Description

What’s inside the kit?

808 Drums by SoundsinHD

3 Folders:

  • Classic — Pitched 808 Drums, Trap Hi Hat Loops, Snare Rolls
  • Layered — SoundinHD’s best 808 samples mashed, layered, compressed, and EQ’d. Also the stems are provided so you can create your own 808’s with their layers.
  • Pitched&Generated — Urban Tones, Urban Tone Short Tail, Urban Tone no Kick
  • Inside all 3 Folders,

    • Over 450+ Sounds!
    • 60 Regular 808’s tuned from the key of A to G#
    • 100+ Specially Tweaked 808’s by SHD
    • 31 Old-School Roland TR-808 Claps
    • 19 Sharp Hats that cut through the mix great
    • 41 Old-School 808 Snares (6 Snare Rolls included)
    • 41 Various Percussion Sounds off a Roland TR 808 Drum Machine
    • 10 Hat Loops

Why is having your 808’s labeled beneficial?

This saves huge time and eases you from the burden of having to “guess” what note your 808 is hitting!

Not following? Ok let me try to explain:

Have you ever made a beat, clicked on an 808, tried to play it on your keyboard, but realize the notes are clashing with your song? This is because the 808 is either not in the same key or you’re not playing the right note!

For your convenience, these 808 are exceptionally labeled so that YOU KNOW what key and note you are playing! (That’s huge!)

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Let your neighbors hear your speakers. Get these 808’s by SoundsinHD Today!

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What if I lose my product?

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