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Boonie Mayfield - Bundle of Wonders
Boonie Mayfield Kit - Part 1Boonie Mayfield Kit - Part 2Boonie Mayfield Kit - Part 3

Boonie Mayfield’s Bundle of Wonders

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If you're looking for a kit that is so well-rounded, that when using other kits, it makes them feel like they're missing something.. well SoundPackFlyer has something special for you!

Meet Boonie Mayfield, aka Boon Doc – A popular hip-hop producer from his viral YouTube videos!

The sounds focus heavily on the drums, and this 3 kit bundle contains over 1,200+ samples!

Product Description

Meet Boonie Mayfield

Boonie Mayfield Kit - Part 2

Taken from Boonie’s personal website:

Solomon Vaughn is a seasoned music producer, composer, songwriter, recording artist, instructor and entrepreneur from Colorado Springs, Colorado. His unique approach to music blends a multitude of genres creating a refreshing and reinvented sound that combines various classics and timeless eras.

Boonie’s Bundle of Wonders Info:

I was very eager to put together a bundle here with Boonie, not fully expecting the quality of his sounds, but after going through the first kit, all I could say in my mind was, This is what a sound kit should be..

This bundle contains massive hitting drums, very well-rounded sound effects and percussion (sirens, tambourines), with over 350+ sounds in each sound kit to top it off.

Here’s a little run down of each kit:

Boonie Mayfield Kit - Part 1


  • Contains over 350+ sounds
  • Reaches a wide variety of genres (Hip-Hop, R&B, West Coast etc)
  • A real well-rounded kit, dipping into a little this and that from kicks to snaps, dirty and clean hi-hats to crashes, toms, and claps.

Boonie Mayfield Kit - Part 2


  • Contains over 400+ samples!
  • AMAZING playable basslines! (These are very useful!)
  • Drum Breaks provided in this kit!
  • A few one-shot instruments such as pianos, organs, and rhodes!
  • PART 2 is also available for individual sale

Boonie Mayfield Kit - Part 3


  • Contains over 375+ sounds.
  • Touches a bit into those awesome basslines (just like Part 2)
  • Nothing but hard hitting, punchy one-shots!
  • An amazing Miscellaneous folder
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