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Cream of the Crop BUNDLE!
SoundsinHD – High Impact808 Drums by SoundsinHDAnno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 1

Cream of the Crop *BUNDLE*

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Why Cream of The Crop?

For the reason as this is as good as it gets.  An incredible bundle that will allow you to create any genre.

Featured in the Kit:

  • Anno Domini Vol. 1 is a masterpiece of hip-hop sounds.
  • High Impact is full of wet reverb urban drum samples.
  • 808 Drums.. if you find better 808's than these, please let me know!!  (Kicks, claps, percussion and hats included as well in 808 Drums!)
  • A supreme bundle, with supreme sounds, giving you totally flexibility on the genre.

With the pristine high quality sounds inside, all genres are possible!

Product Description

We’ve put whipped cream and cherries on top, cause it’s safe to say, that these kits are the “Cream of the Crop”

This bundle includes 3 of my favorite kits:

  1. High Impact

  2. Anno Domini Drum Collection

  3. 808 Drums by SoundsInHD!

Don’t Believe Me? Check out This Bass!

This bundle is called Cream of the Crop because of the variety and versatility in the kit.  With AD Vol. 1, you have that real hip-hop feel to your beat if that’s what your going for.  With High Impact, this kit is great for any genre in between.  (Some great sounds within High Impact.  I really like the touch of reverb they put on the sounds!).

And 808 Drums.. as I mentioned above.  If you can find better 808’s than these.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

What a perfect bundle at an affordable price!  This bundle gives you the flexibility to create any genre you’d like with high quality sounds from well-known companies.

When will I receive my sounds if I purchase?

Add “Cream of the Crop” to Your Cart and have the bundle INSTANTLY delivered to your email after purchase!

What if I lose my product?

You are able to re-download your product up to 3 times!

If your computer crashes, or you somehow misplaced your product, when you first purchased your kit from, you created an account with your email.

Sign in to the My Account section, and you should see your product to download! (With the remaining downloads left).


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