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Featured in the kit:

  • Very airy and wet sounds (Add some stereo width to your beats!)
  • Short and long tailed kicks (Lots of different styles of kicks)
  • Create unheard of percussion loops! (It's called FRESH and NEW for a reason!)
  • Tons of variety from snaps to textures (layer over your drums)

This kit features over 250+ UNIQUE SOUNDS.  With awesome features like the layers mentioned in the video, and unheard of SFX! (Scroll below for more info).

Product Description

Included in the kit

  • 50 Kicks
  • 41 Claps
  • 51 Percussion sounds
  • 25 Hats
  • 14 Snaps
  • 11 Sweeper Claps
  • 33 SFX
  • 17 Layers
  • 15 Rimshots
  • 7 Wanna-be Snares

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