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SoundsinHD – High Impact Bundle
SoundsinHD – High ImpactSoundsinHD – High Impact 2

High Impact BUNDLE 1 + 2

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High Impact 1 + 2 compliment each other like popcorn and butter. Check the video reviews!

High Impact was a big turn around in my production game. These are some of the thickest kicks around, also to mention the reverb on the claps, snare, and percussion folder is on par!

Featured in the Kit:

  • Amazing change up for quick creativityHigh Impact 1 provides wet, deep-bass sounds. High Impact 2 provides clean drums, and epic, slow-rising claps! Percussion is always great from SHD.
  • Organized Immaculately into FoldersAs usual by SoundinHD.
  • High Impact 2 has some AMAZING CLAPSWatch the video below!
  • THICK, and I mean THICK, beefy kicks!
  • Over 600+ sounds in this bundle!

When ever using High Impact, it sparks quick, creative beats. Jump on it!

Product Description

A Bundle that Compliments Each Other, GREAT!

High Impact 1:

High Impact 2:

High Impact was a huge turn around in my beatmaking game. When going through the kick folder, the first kick I played, I already knew I was getting into something special.

High Impact 1 is still in my sounds to this day, and I still highly recommend it to those who are asking for good sounds!

Read my blog on High Impact — GratuiTous

What’s inside the Bundle?

High Impact Bundle - Prices Exclusively Through

  • High Impact 1 + 2 — (Over 600+ Sounds!)
    • High Impact 1:
      • 75 Bass Drums
      • 75 Snare Drums
      • 85 Claps
      • 73 Percussion
      • 18 Loops
    • High Impact 2:
      • 75 Bass Drums
      • 75 Snare Drums
      • 75 Claps
      • 75 Percussive Samples
      • 30 Loops
    • Full of that SHD Goodness

High Impact Bundle
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