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SPF – J-rum – Quality Over Quantity – Bundle – 2&3

J-rum – Pt. 2&3 – Quality Over Quantity

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SPF Has Picked These Two Kits For a Reason

*Why..? Simply because they are our favorite!

Featured in the Bundle:

  • Loaded with Variety — Everything including the kitchen sink
  • Those 808's you always hear and want. Yes, they're included.
  • Claps that crunch, snares that pop. These one hits cut through!
  • SoundPackFlyer's favorite parts out of the FULL J-rum Bundle

Want the full meal deal? Check out J-rum's FULL BUNDLE!

Product Description

Get a taste of SPF’s Favorite J-rum Sounds! (Pt. 2 & 3!)

J-rum - Quality Over Quantity Pt. 2 & 3 BUNDLE - Prices Exclusively Through

What’s inside the Bundle?

The bundle includes Pt. 2 & 3 of J-rum’s Quality Over Quantity kits.

These two were selected simply because they were SPF’s favorite out of the full bundle.

The bundle is geared towards most genres, but specifically Trap, Electro, and a bit of Pop.

The 808’s included are sure to keep your trap beats up to par with other producers, providing long-tailed, short-tailed, cool effected 808’s, and distorted 808’s to shine through the mix.

Words from J-rum:

My kits are sounds that I use in ALL of my beats, you will hear the same sounds in my beats as these kits. These kits are guaranteed to get your beats sounding hot! With many producers now a days producing many different genres, having a bundle that covers all genres is pretty nice to have. If you enjoy my productions, then you’re gonna love my kits

— J-rum

Pop, Dance, TRAP, and Electro

This is a total versatility kit, providing you with a vast selection of sounds. J-rum creates a couple different genres, so in his kits, he provides you with a little something you can use with any beat!

Get SPF’s Favorite — Pt. 2 & 3 TODAY!
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