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SPF – J-Rum – Quality Over Quantity – FULL Bundle
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J-rum – Quality Over Quantity BUNDLE

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Trap, Electro, Pop, and Once Again.. TRAP!

*This bundle includes J-rum's Pt. 1-5 Quality Over Quantity kits.

With over 28+ million total plays, J-rum brings you access to his sounds.
This kit is full of high quality, precisely hand-picked sounds. Full of deep distorted bass, popping snares, sharp hats, and vox!

Featured in the Bundle:

  • Over 550+ Authentic Trap, Electro, and Creative Sounds by J-rum
  • Very Nice Variety — This bundle gives you TONS to play around with
  • Carefully Hand-Picked — Not just sounds “thrown in” to make it look full. Each sound is usable with tons of different flavors.
  • Organized Conveniently into Folders for Easy Access
  • Really nice MIDI files to learn and play with!

Product Description

It’s called Quality Over Quantity for a reason!

SPF - J-rum - Quality Over Quantity BUNDLE

Traptastik — Amazing Variety

Quality Over Quantity is an amazing name for this bundle. Considering the product’s name, the bundle is full of sounds that are really focused on the quality rather than just jam-packing the kit with sounds to fill up empty space. (Although, the kit still provides you with 550+ sounds!).

This kit is amazing for trap, full of rich, high quality sounds, and used by J-rum himself! Loaded with deep 808’s, popping kicks, sharp harts, and all other sounds you can imagine to do with trap! (Also, seasoned with J-rum’s electro side of him).

J-rum - Quality Over Quantity BUNDLE - Prices Exclusively Through

What’s inside the Bundle?

The bundle includes 5 of J-rum’s Quality Over Quantity kits, totaling over 550+ sounds.

The bundle features premium kicks of all genres, geared towards cutting through without touching an EQ. Full of amazing 808’s that you hear in trap beats, and a vast array of creative sounds.

A very well-rounded bundle when it comes to the types of sounds provided. To point out, the 808’s are real nice in this bundle.


Words from J-rum:

My kits are sounds that I use in ALL of my beats, you will hear the same sounds in my beats as these kits. These kits are guaranteed to get your beats sounding hot! With many producers now a days producing many different genres, having a bundle that covers all genres is pretty nice to have. If you enjoy my productions, then you’re gonna love my kits

— J-rum

Like to make a bit of Electro/Dance?

A nice addition to this bundle is the hard-hitting dance/electro kicks. These are sure to keep up to other commercial releases, and will easily cut through your mix without you even having to touch an EQ!

*Full of pep, Created to Stand-Out, Priced to Sell.

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