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SPF _ BEAT BUTCHA - Meat Lovers - Bundle - Meat
SPF _ BEAT BUTCHA - Meat Lovers - Bundle - Bucket - MLB - V3SPF - BEAT BUTCHA - Meat Lovers - Bundle - PIZZA


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Love Sound Kits by Beat Butcha? – Now's your chance to buy High Quality Beat Butcha Drum Kits at Discount!

With many credits to go to his name, Beat Butcha's sound pack game is quickly growing to the top of the market.

Featured in the Bundle:

  • Four of Beat Butcha's Kits Bangin' Drum Kits (Over 1850+ SOUNDS!!!)
  • Amazing versatility and change up in the sounds — Boom Bap, Breaks/Chops, Clean Drum Hits, Hard-Bodied Snares!
  • Jam-Packed with Goodies (Full of cool riffs, tons of snares, thick-bottomed kicks, SFX, shakers, unique sounds etc).
  • Full of Breaks for those who like to chop up drum loops! (Tons of one-hit sounds included as well).

Product Description

Welcome to the Meat Lovers’ Bundle by Beat Butcha

SPF - BEAT BUTCHA - Meat Lovers - Bucket

With Variety for EVERYONE!

Wow oh wow these kits are hot. I’ll tell you right now, any genre you want to make hip-hop wise this is YOUR KIT.

Full of chops, breaks, BEEFY KICKS, 808′s, trap kicks, you name it. This kit is like buying a family pack at KFC, an all in one bundle, and nothing but protein to beef up your beats. (Minus the fast food analogy, these sounds aren’t cheap!).


Perfect for Boom Bap + Sampleheads!

Although this kit packs a lot of punch with some thick kicks, it’s also full of those smooth boom bap and sampled kicks, which makes this kit great for all those who love to make Boom Bap.

(But it doesn’t stop there, the kits are FULL of variety).

What’s inside the Bundle?

Beat Butcha's Meat Lovers' Bundle - Exclusively Through

  • Four of Beat Butcha’s Kits, over 1850+ SOUNDS!
    • Chicken Drum Kit
    • Horse Beef Drum Kit
    • Lamb Chops Drum Kit
    • Kebab Drum Kit
  • 450+ One-Hit Sample Kicks
  • 735+ Snares/Claps
  • 250+ Percussion
  • 150+ Hats
  • A bunch of goodies in Beat Buthcha’s “Extra” folders! (chops, samples, SFX, vocals, etc).


Get your Hands on Beat Butcha’s Meat Lover’s Bundle Exclusively through

I was very happy to be able to bring you guys such a deal through (Thanks Beat Butcha!).

Going through the kits at first, I found Horse Beef to be my favorite out of the four, but after making the three audio demos above, I underestimated these kits. If you listened to the audio demos, you can hear for yourself. The kits them self take control of the beat!

With over 1850+ sounds from chops/breaks to competing kicks with other sound designers, these kits will get your beats BUMPIN! Scrolling through the sounds, you have so much selection on what to choose and do with your beats. Enjoy the Meat Lovers’ Bundle by BEAT BUTCHA!

– GratuiTous

$60 for 1850+ Sounds from Beat Butcha?

You betcha! — Listen to what Beat Butcha has to say about the bundle:

The ‘Meat Lovers Bundle’ is a set of 4 best selling beefy kits from UK producer Beat Butcha, who has worked with some of the biggest names within the US & UK hip hop scenes, including G-Unit, Mac Miller, Curren$y, Mobb Deep & many more. Each kit contains upward of 400 slabs of weighty drum sample delight, used in beats placed by Butcha on projects by the likes of Lloyd Banks, Jadakiss, Mobb Deep, Danny Brown & many more.
Featured in the kits are an array of different sample stylings, varying from dusty chops to large clean layered sounds, organized in various folders for the quickest, most creative utilization.
The kits are used by some of the industry’s biggest names including Buda Da Future & Grandzmuzik, Cardiak, Isa Summers (Florence & The Machine), V.Don and many more.
They have previously been unavailable at such a bargain discount & are definitely a sure shot way to beef up any style of beat, so make sure you take advantage of this deal.


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