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Sasquatch Kick Machine
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Sasquatch Kick Machine – BozDigitalLabs

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I like my kick drum, but I'd like to tweak it a bit.. I've tried EQ.. but that isn't working!

Well, today I think I have an answer to your solution.

Meet Sasquatch Kick Machine by BozDigitalLabs. here

There's a lot to say, and explain about Sasquatch Kick Machine. But first, here's some awesome points:

  • Direct, Oomph, and Click – Three options to enhance your drum
  • Fully Customizable – Each parameter comes with an edit panel. (Even your choice of what waveform in the Click edit settings!)
  • Fast Workflow – All the shortcuts are included for a fast work flow – such as CTRL + Left click to fine-tune your numbers, and double click to reset your knob back to 0.
  • Get Your Bass IN TUNE! – Choose what note you want the bass to play at! (Is your song in the scale of A? – Now your kick sits even nicer!) – Goes from A0, all the way to G#7!
  • An absolute amazing product – Such a creative idea behind a product, discounted with that exclusive SoundPackFlyer discount, and may even be an investment toward your business! (Would be a great tool to create your own sound kits to sell!).

Product Description

What’s so special about this product?

It’s SoundPackFlyer’s first VST release! – And it’s a special one!

Sasquatch Kick Machine - Screenshot (1)

Sasquatch Kick Machine is a VST effect that you add to an already existing kick drum (or any sound), just like you would add a reverb or delay onto a sound. From here, you can dial in how intense you want Sasquatch to do it's special stuff!

I was VERY impressed with the results I was able to dial inside of Sasquatch’s edit panels. You can go from just subtle to WAY OVER THE TOP!

When ever your sample plays, it triggers Sasquatch to do it’s special stuff – There are three knobs for this; all of which have an edit panel.

  • Click
  • Direct

Let’s go over the knobs to show you what they do:


Sasquatch - Click Waveform Parameter

Click enhances that click to kick drums, helping them to stand out in the mix. If you are having trouble getting your kick to sit through a mix, the manual trick is to take a hi-hat and play it when the kick drum plays.

The click knob is just not as simple as that.

Sasquatch makes this process easier by providing what waveform you want your click to sound like! – Instant creativity! Plus a few other parameters in this edit panel. So tons of flexibility.


Sasquatch - OOMPH Edit Panel Details

Oomph is where the BASS happens – Dialing in this knob BRINGS THE BASS.

Its edit panel has an easy menu for choosing what bass note Sasquatch will play. (Do you want the note A1? – C0? etc). You can also fine-tune the sustain and decay knobs!These kicks can get THICK FAST!

Continuing with the edit panel, there is a harmonic distortion section to model/shape your drum/sound. Also included is a dive section allowing for tone diving! – This is where your kick drum gets that BIG PUNCH. (Fine tune this with the frequency knob, and a speed knob for absolute control)

Dial the OOMPH knob to OBNOXIOUS, or gently enhance what’s already there!


Sasquatch Kick Machine - Screenshot (4)

This Direct knob is essentially your dry signal.

Turn up and down to taste, but it’s not just left at that – It has it’s own edit panel too!

There’s also a cool cross-over feature allowing you to trigger how the OOMPH and CLICK reacts to your normal/dry sound. (With a low and high pass filter – Also a gate!)

At first, this part is a bit confusing. But after a bit of playing around, you’ll see how you literally have TOTAL control over how you want to enhance your drums!

Overall, this tool is very powerful, and creates some super thick drums, and 808’s.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Sasquatch Work?

Simply add Sasquatch as an effect to your sound just like you would reverb or delay!

Use the edit panels to fine-tune your sound to taste!

(You’ll especially like the OOMPH section with its sustain and decay knob! – The sustain knob allows for a super thick long tailed 808 sound!)

When turning on/off the effect, you instantly hear the impact Sasquatch adds to your sound, and track!

Will it Work in My DAW? (Music Program)

Yes! Sasquatch was designed with all DAWs in mind – Sasquatch comes packed with VST, AU, and RTAS formats in its installer. (Also 32, or 64-bit!)

Is it 64-Bit as Well?

Yes! – Sasquatch comes both as 32-bit, and 64-bit!

Support and Warranty?

SoundPackFlyer and BozDigitalLabs will have your back regarding support, and lifetime updates, towards your license of Sasquatch Kick Machine!

Just click that orange button, proceed with checkout, and the product is yours! – Sasquatch will be instantly delivered to your email after purchase.


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