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Xclusive-Audio – Survival Drum Kit
Xclusive-Audio – Survival Drum Kit – DVD ArtworkXclusive-Audio – Survival Drum KitXclusive-Audio – Survival Drum Kit

Xclusive Audio – Survival Drum Kit

$34.99 $14.95

To survive in this game you need the right tools!

Xclusive-Audio has been tearin' it up with their sound design over the past couple months. Now you can join in on all the hype at a discount!

Featured in the Kit:

  • Over 500+ 24-Bit .WAV Samples! (Super high quality)
  • 140 MONSTER KICKS! (These things hit harrrd! — Nice layers, and nice low-end!).
  • Lots of variety — Kicks, Claps, Snares, Cymbals, Toms, and great percussion for those fillers in your drum loops!
  • 22 Maschine + 22 Reason Kong Patches
  • The relief of knowing Xclusive-Audio designed the kit

Now is your chance to get Survival Drum kit at discount!
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Product Description

Big Bang for Buck,

Xclusive-Audio always hooks you up with a large selection of sounds for a very affordable price. Get over 800MB+ of sounds in this kit, with over 500 high quality, 24-Bit .WAV sounds to choose from!

Survival Drum Kit Go-Over

The beginning of video, is happy to present to you Survival Drum kit. Afterward, SPF goes over the kit. Watch at 0:57.

What’s inside the kit?

Xclusive-Audio's - Survival Drum Kit

  • Over 500+ One-Shot Samples (Over 800MB + of Sounds!)
  • 140 Kicks
  • 87 Snares
  • 95 Claps!
  • 52 Open & Closed Hi-Hats
  • 135 Percussion Sounds!
  • 47 Cymbals & Toms

    • 22 Maschine Ready to go Patches
    • 22 Reason Kong Patches (Same as Maschine).
    • 131 Drum Loops + 131 REX Drum Loops


From the release of Xclusive-Audio’s first drum kit, Urban Heat, they have continued to grind so hard to show the beat making community that their sounds are on top of the industry. With over 3 free drum kits to download on their site, plus 2 amazing kits to purchase, Urban Heat + Survival Drum Kit, Xclusive-Audio is clearing a path to have a foundation as industry leaders in sound design in this beat making game.

This is a massive kit that you do not want to miss out on! With drums that bang, snares that crack, and a variety that satisfies; is your source for High Quality, Industry Standard sounds.

— GratuiTous

Some of the Most Layered, Sub-Rumbling Kicks Around,

These sounds were crafted by someone who know what they’re doing. If you’ve checked out the video, you could hear the kicks; a professional sound designer has been at work!

They have been layered to crunch, layered to cut through, and crafted to keep your sub shaking. I was very impressed going these these kicks, and I know you will be too. (Especially with over 140 kicks to choose from! — Most kits have about 50-80!).

This is what a kit should be for $30.

The snares got that pop on the low mids, that layered crunch to fill in the gaps, and TONS of selection to choose from!.

(You even get it for lower than that, especially if you use the 10% off coupon).

Take your beat making game to the next level. Get Survival by Xclusive-Audio today!

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