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TCustomz Productionz Drum Sample Packs Vol 2-4
TCustomz Productionz Drum Sample Pack Vol 4TCustomz Productionz Drum Sample Pack Vol 3TCustomz Productionz Drum Sample Pack Vol 2

TCustomz Drum Kit Bundle

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Authentic Hip-Hop at its Finest.

TCustomz, known for that authentic hip-hop sampled sound, brings us 3 kits with kicks that bang, snares that crack, and awesome percussion to fill up your drum tracks.

  • Chest-Hitting Kicks! — The kicks surprised me immensely. HUGE variety, big bottom'd kicks, and also kicks that allow you to have the fat bassline as well!
  • Snares that POP — If you know anything about mixing, you know the pop of snares live in that 200Hz region. These snares have been mixed to pop! — No time wasted mixing, just simply insert, and you're on your way!
  • Creative Percussion — I'm personally one who like percussion in my beats. The percussion in these kits is nice, it stands out with the unique sounds.

Product Description

Legit Testimonials!

If you’ve ever been to TCustomz website, you will instantly read a bunch of testimonials. As always from a brand new website you’re visiting, you can never fully trust the testimonials right? — This is where I was when first browsing the drum kit section of TCustomz store. But you know, if the kit isn’t quality, it’s not in SoundPackFlyer!

Now, when sent the kits to check over for approval, the first few sounds were eye-brow raisers. The sounds were that authentic, high quality, hip-hop sound. The drums knock hard, the snares pop and crack, the hats are gritty and full sounding. After a bit of wheel and dealing, SoundPackFlyer is happy to present TCustomz high quality Bundle at that amazing SoundPackFlyer Discount!

What’s All Inside the Bundle?

Inside this bundle, you get 3 of TCustomz kits — Part II, III, and IV:

Please see the video for an in-depth overview of the soundss. This bundle is awesome!

TCustomz Productionz Drum Sample Pack Vol 2

TCustomz Productionz Drum Sample Pack Vol. 2

Part 2 contains a total of 125 Sounds. There is lots to say about Vol. 2. The drums are authentic, chest-hitting drums that will make your listeners subwoofers hit hard! The snares are full of that snappy 200Hz pop! The hats are great for that RAW HIP-HOP, and the percussion is great for background fillers to enhance your drum loops.

TCustomz Productionz Drum Sample Pack Vol. 3

TCustomz Productionz Drum Sample Pack Vol 3

Part 3 contains 75 sounds, and is no joke when it comes to the kick drums. Expect those hard mono kicks that were talked about in the video; they mean business! Nothing but those nice kicks you expect in a sound kit, plus some layered kicks for that creative flavor.

Watch through the video, these snares pop in the 200Hz region. (Learn this while mixing to get your snares popping!). The percussion and hats also will provide you those genuine hip-hop sounds, keeping you competing with other leading producers, as these commercial quality sounds!

Don’t forget about those bonus folders TCustomz has included. Great for those of you who like drum breaks, vocal hits, cool vinyl static, and other goodies inside. (Forest Gump style, you never know what you’re going to get ;)).

TCustomz Productionz Drum Sample Pack Vol. 4

TCustomz Productionz Drum Sample Pack Vol 4

Part 4 contains a total of 75 sounds, and had a lot of good points written down on the notepad. Noticeably, part 4 had a more confident approach from the other two — I could tell TCustomz is improving on each sound kit he releases.

Once again, those solid kicks, and a bunch of goodies in another bonus folder (drum breaks, vinyl SFX, also a cool filtered drum loop).


This is a solid bundle put together by TCustomz! And again, with that exclusive SoundPackFlyer discount!

Official Notes

While going through TCustomz kits, here are the original notes I wrote down. I don’t think there was one bad thing that stood out for improvement. The bundle provides high quality, that’s it!

TCustomz - Original Notes (1)

TCustomz - Original Notes (2)

TCustomz - Original Notes (3)

TCustomz Bundle at SoundPackFlyer Pricing!


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