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Xclusive-Audio – Drum Bundle Trio – 600×600

Xclusive-Audio Drum Bundle TRIO

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Xclusive-Audio is known for HUGE amount of selection, Maschine Ready Kits, and high quality 24-Bit .WAV sounds.

  • Over 1.9GB of SOUNDS with those amazing 24-Bit .WAV sounds!
  • A Supreme Bundle – (Remember — that comes Maschine Patched ready!).

After purchase, the bundle will be immediately emailed to you and available for download.

Product Description

Having trouble finding quality sounds for your productions?

Ever make a beat and your drums just aren’t getting the job done? The sounds aren’t creative, and just overall, leave you feeling uninspired? As producers, this is a HUGE PROBLEM that we face all the time! Having professionally designed drums are a producer’s foundation to creating next level productions! Every successful producer knows the importance of powerful, quality drum sounds.

Get your hands on the Drums Producers keep closely Guarded!

Having top-notch sounds at your finger tips will improve your productions immensely! These sounds will get you those heads turned, get you more placements, and achieve your goal of selling more beats! When producing music, you want to make beats people can feel. Beats that bang so hard, listeners get the uncontrollable “head-nod syndrome” (you know what we’re talking about). If your tracks don’t have that industry standard quality to them, then you need to step your game up!

These sounds are your first step to reaching next level productions.

The Solution!

SPF - Xclusive-Audio - Drum Bundle TRIO

If you want to make better beats, you need the right tools. Regular old drum sounds just won’t cut it. You need cutting-edge drum sounds that will get you the attention you deserve as a producer. Start using sounds that will set you apart from your competition! Xclusive-Audio’s Drum Bundle TRIO’s sounds have been crafted to give you that bang “right out the box”!


Here are a few benefits from using Sounds By Xclusive-Audio

  • More creativity
  • Pro quality beats
  • Produce Radio/Broadcast ready hits
  • Sell More Beats, Get more Placements
  • Stand out from your competition

Introducing the Drum Bundle Trio Bundle By Xclusive-Audio

Drum Bundle TRIO includes 3 premium drum libraries by Xclusive-Audio: Survival Drum Kit, Urban Heat Drum Kit, & Organic Drum Kit.

Xclusive-Audio Drum Bundle TRIO
Survival Drum Kit Urban Heat Drum Kit Organic Drum Kit
  • 140 Slamming Kicks
  • 87 Cracking Snares
  • 95 Smacking Claps
  • 52 Open & Closed Hi-hats
  • 47 Cymbals & Toms
  • 135 Percussion Samples
  • 131 REX Loops
  • 131 Original Drum Loops
  • 22 Ready-to-Go Maschine Kits
  • 22 Reason Kong Drum Kits
  • 129 Kicks + 32 BONUS 808’s
  • 77 Snappy Snares
  • 65 Crispy Claps
  • 62 Open & Closed Hi-hats
  • 52 Cymbals & Toms
  • 74 Sound FXS & VOX
  • 157 Percussion Samples
  • 37 Original Drum Loops
  • 20 Ready to go Maschine Kits
  • 150 Pounding Kicks
  • 115 Creative Snares
  • 80 Authentic Claps
  • 90 Open & Closed Hi-hats
  • 570 Organic Percussion Section
  • 90 Cymbals & Toms
  • 100 Original Drum Loops
  • 30 Bonus Transition FXS
  • 22 Ready to go Maschine Kits

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