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High Impact Review (@Beatstruggles)

High Impact is definitely in my favorites with SoundsinHD SoundsinHD knows how to make some good sounds, they also have a decent following, and creative marketing skills! (You should check out their newsletter, they come out with some unique content!). Here’s a video review I did awhile back.  Sorry for the audio quality (I recorded […]

High Impact by Sounds in HD

Looking for a kit with lots of variety? You can get High Impact at a discount through SoundPackFlyer.com! High Impact was one of first kits that really showed me what having a kit with lots of variety can do! It really opened up my production game to create tons of new genres and sounds. What […]

Name Some Game Changing Sound Packs

Honestly, when first starting up.. I went through a lot of poor quality kits. Just like everyone starting up, I wanted to get free kits, yet didn’t understand anything about quality. Not a clue about MP3 vs. .WAV, 16-bit vs 24-bit etc. Some big changers to my production game was truly TheProducersChoice.com and Sounds in […]

High Impact + Anno Domini Drum Collection in Action!

Check out GratuiTous using both High Impact and Anno Domini’s first Drum collection in this video. I’m actually amazed how I have been privileged to sell such an amazing bundle, with 3 of my favorite go-to kits! (Yes, all those are on discount as individual products as well!). This bundle gives you flexibility to really […]