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FREE Drum Samples

Download free drum samples by signing up to SoundPackFlyer.com’s Newsletter! Did you know you can get free, hand-crafted drum samples by signing up to SPF’s Newsletter? SPF’s free drum samples were created by Xclusive-Audio, and the only way to get them is by signing up to the newsletter! — They cannot even be found on […]

Come Visit Our FEATURED Companies Page!

Today’s hot sounds, provided by your favorite distributors! SoundPackFlyer.com has officially organized our awesome distributors in alphabetical order. So far, we have been very grateful of all our distributors like SoundsinHD, Xclusive-Audio, Anno Domini Drums, Beat Butcha, Pablo Beats, J-rum, Mike Kalombo etc. SoundPackFlyer.com is always on the hunt to add to its incredible collection, […]

Urban Heat

Urban Heat, one of the select few to receive a 5/5! Urban Heat provies tons of flexibility on the genre, with some immaculate recorded sounds. The percussion is absolutely amazing;  the bongos, tambourines, shakers..  all captured VERY NICE!  Urban Heat also provides you with 4 different flavors of kits, Various, Long, Short, and Booms.  The […]

Name Some Game Changing Sound Packs

Honestly, when first starting up.. I went through a lot of poor quality kits. Just like everyone starting up, I wanted to get free kits, yet didn’t understand anything about quality. Not a clue about MP3 vs. .WAV, 16-bit vs 24-bit etc. Some big changers to my production game was truly TheProducersChoice.com and Sounds in […]

How Important are Sounds in your Beats?

Can awesome sounds turn a weak beat into a solid beat? Have you ever tried it? Try making a beat with some awesome sounds from companies such as TheProducersChoice, HipHopDrumSamples, SoundsinHD, Xclusive-Audio. Once you’ve made your beat, try replacing your drums, claps etc. with some weak sounds. Pull out some lower quality VSTs and hear […]