You Pick the Sale Round 3

You Pick The Sale Round 3!

Pablo Beats Vol. 2 takes the win for You Pick the Sale!
Thank-you for your votes!

It’s round 3! — Vote what kit you’d like in the comments!

What Kit Would You Like on Sale?

You know how this goes! For one week, one of these products will be on sale, and you get to decide what product that is! Simply comment the kit in the comments. The kit with the most votes will be discounted for one week!

J-rum's - Quality Over Quantity BUNDLE

J-rum’s – Quality Over Quantity BUNDLE:

J-rum has hooked SoundPackFlyer up with five of his kits! If you’ve listened to his beats, he dips into a few different genres, so you know this bundle’s got variety, and flavor! Don’t forget, provides a video go-over to let you know exactly what you get with your purchase.

  • Five of J-Rum’s Kits
  • Tons of variety
  • Just cause it says quantity over quality, doesn’t mean there’s not lots of sounds 😉

Pablo Beats Vol. 2 Drum Kit

Pablo Beats Vol. 2:

Pablo Beats Vol. 2 brings a real unique approach to the table, providing both one-hit samples and VST presets for Kontakt (or Direct Wave in FL Studio).

PB. Vol. 2 is well suited for trap and RnB songs. These were all sound-designed by Pablo Beats himself!

  • Great variety from each sound to the next
  • A great foundation kit
  • Both one-hit samples at VST presets!


Mike Kalombo – KLASSIC SAMPLES VOL. 1:

Mike Kalombo’s kit features thick kicks, sub-rumbling 808’s, and overall, dips into a lot of unique percussion elements.

This was one of my first high quality kits I’ve purchased, and it’s still in my sound catalog 3 years later!

  • Amazingly affordable price
  • Unique percussion sounds/SFX
  • Powerful Urban Kicks

Cream of the Crop *BUNDLE*

Cream of the Crop *BUNDLE*:

We’ve put whipped cream and cherries on top, cause it’s safe to say, that these kits are the “Cream of the Crop”

This is a phenomenal bundle dippin’ into all aspects of audio production. Cream of the Crop will be in your catalog until the day you stop producing!

  • Amazingly High Quality Sounds
  • The biggest savings out of all the choices!
  • Industry sounds kits from industry leaders!

So let’s hear your choices!

  1. J-rum’s FULL BUNDLE
  2. Pablo Beats Vol. 2
  3. Mike Kalombo – KLASSIC SAMPLES VOL. 1
  4. Cream of the Crop

What’s it going to be?

You have one week to vote! — Next Friday, October 11, 2013, the product with the most votes will go on extra discount for one week!

Vote by Leaving a Comment Below!

Pablo Beats Vol. 2 takes the win for You Pick the Sale!
Thank-you for your votes!